Project Updates

Ground Floor Slab Poured
The ground floor slab and ramp was poured just before the Christmas break. Back to back concrete trucks for a full day. Form workers and scaffolders will be on site shortly and our progres from here on will be immediately evident as the structure rises.
Out of the Ground
Basement 2 and Basement 1 slabs poured. Formwork in place for ground floor slab. Hydraulic struts removed. See attached pictures of hydraulic struts penetrating the Basement 1 slab. This made the pour more complex and removing the struts afterwards was very fiddly.

Due to...
Concrete, Concrete, Concrete
Basement 2 slab all poured. Colums for Basement 1 slab poured with formwork in place. The next few weeks will be a bit fiddly, see the removal of the hyralic structs which will no longer be needed as the Basement 1 slab will provide lateral support to the basement walls. We...
Crane Up
Excavation and shotcrete complete. Crane up. Basement 2 colums and lift shaft formed up ready to pour. The month ahead should see a lot of concrete. The basement 1 slab will need to be poured in 2 stages to allow the hydraulic struts to be removed.

Buyer enquiry levels are...
Hit Rock Bottom?
Yes. Mixed emotions on site this week as the bulk excavation has been completed with detailed excavation finishing off. We're well and truly into shale now and can say we've hit rock bottom. The excavation crew are a bit lost, unsure of their next job. APRA's...
More Digging
Excavation on the eastern side is completed with all shockcreting and anchoring done. Struts are in place on north west corner. Sewer along southern western boundary has been replaced. Inclinometers stable (monitoring movements of slopes and excavations - yellow pipe...
Dig, Dig, Digging
Construction is well on the way with excavation on the south east corner of the site just 1 m off completion.

Piling and capping beam completed.

You will see 3 machines on site;

the large 30t excavator with the big bucket for bulk excavation,
the smaller orange 5.5t...
Development application DA201700013 lodged 13 January 2017 seeking approval for the demolition of existing warehouse and commercial shops. Consolidation of eight (8) lots into one site and the construction of a part four (4) storey, part seven (7) and part eight (8) storey...
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