Dig, Dig, Digging




Construction is well on the way with excavation on the south east corner of the site just 1 m off completion.

Piling and capping beam completed.

You will see 3 machines on site;

  • the large 30t excavator with the big bucket for bulk excavation,
  • the smaller orange 5.5t excavator for the detailed excavation (the bits around the edges, making sure the perimeter of the site is nice and plumb).
  • The ground anchor drill machine is also on site.

Ground anchors give the shockcreted wall horizontal support, tying back into the earth. Once concrete slabs are poured they will provide horizontal rigidity making the ground anchors redundant.

Due to the railway line, ground anchors cannot be used along the northern boundary. Instead, this side will be braced. You can see brackets have been fixed to the wall. The large steel braces (painted orange) are on site and have been installed since photos were taken.

Later this month, excavation on the western side should kick off.

Watch out for our next update first week August.

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